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Our virtual Entrepreneurship and Business Academy application fee is $85 dollars. Our Admissions Department will contact students for payment arrangements once their application has been received. 

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Academy Access:
  • We have made our academy available through our mobile app. The Keep God In Your Business app is available in your Google Play, iTunes Store, and Zoom. 

  • Having a strong Wi-Fi connection would make your experience smoother.

  • Headphones are encouraged.

Who Should Attend:
  • Aspiring and/or established entrepreneurs.

  • Leaders who want to do business God’s way using biblical principles.

Learning Objectives:

By completing our three-month Entrepreneurship and Business Program, students will develop several critical business skills including:

  • What it takes to become an entrepreneur.

  • What is needed to establish a business?

  • How to complete a comprehensive business plan.

  • How to apply key biblical principles for successful business practices.


Performance Objective:

In addition to other skills not listed below, students will demonstrate their key competency in the following areas via writing a comprehensive business plan, completing exercises and homework assignments:

  • Analyzing business opportunities and evaluating their feasibility for forming a business to address the opportunity.

  • Analyzing a targeted business market and developing a plan to market products/services to that target.

  • Reviewing different legal structures for business and deciding the best fit for their business.

  • Developing business forecasts and assumptions to compose a financial plan for business profitability.

  • Conduct a professional presentation of business content.

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